Women spend more on property
Entrepreneurial women have come a long way and today they are a significant new force in the South African property market.

"A recent report shows women in South Africa are matching men step for step when it comes to starting and running their own businesses and putting local female entrepreneurial activity at the same level as in developed countries like the US and Finland," said Gerhard Kotze, chief executive
of ERA South Africa.

The report is based on an international study by the global entrepreneurship monitor and it shows that, on average in the countries surveyed, there are 50% more male entrepreneurs than women. But the more entrepreneurial a country, the more likely women are to start their own businesses.

Kotze said women in South Africa are buying their own homes and then buying property as an investment out of the profits from their entrepreneurial businesses.

He said this trend is confirmed by the latest FNB residential property barometer, which reviews activity in the residential housing market sector on a quarterly basis. This monitor states that 20% of buyers in the last quarter of last year were single women. This figure was up 5% from the previous quarter.

"These statistics do not reveal the age of such buyers, their marital history or the source of their income, but again our actual experience suggests that most single women purchasers are owners of or partners in an entrepreneurial business," Kotze said.

"It also shows how their preferences for certain types of property, notably low maintenance, high security units, are definitely now helping to shape overall housing demand, and the acceptance of higher-density living."

Article by: Isaac Moledi from: http://www.netassets.co.za