Ensure show house is in tip top condition

A few days and a few rands spent on preparing a home prior to putting it on show, almost certainly will result in its achieving more offers at higher prices, says Simon Raab, Greeff Properties’ Sales Manager for the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

“This advice,” he said, “is so obvious that one hesitates to give it yet again, but time after time we have seen houses put up for sale with too little preparation. My advice to all sellers is, “Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Look at your home as if you have never seen it before and try to spot factors which could upset someone fussier and more meticulous than yourself.”

The home, says Raab, should always look bright and welcoming. There should be flowers in the pots, curtains should be drawn back, all lights should be on if it is an overcast day or the visit is at night and the front door and doormat should be in a spotless condition. Pets, children and clutter should be well out of the way and the interiors should have a pleasant aroma.

Externally, it will pay handsomely to see that the fascias, window frames, pergolas, all visible woodwork are painted, oiled or varnished.

Gardens and garages, too, says Raab, should be in a good condition – “The last thing you want is to give the impression that all the junk in the home has been temporarily dumped there.”

If there are aspects which upset a visitor, do not apologise for them, says Raab, and, if possible, leave all the showing to the agent – the client will feel far freer to discuss the home if the owner is not there.

Finally, do not try to sell the furniture to a prospective client before he has signed to buy the home – the thought of the extra outlay might alarm him and, in any case, he may not like your furniture.

Above all, says Raab, if you are present try to show that the home has made you and your family happy and that you appreciate it. If the buyer feels you were happy here, then he is likely to think that he will be as well.

Article by: www.greeff.co.za