Lowvelders prove their blood is red

More than 50 Aida offices around the country have organised, publicised and assisted with blood donation drives at local shopping centres, schools, colleges and other venues for the past year, and collected more than 4100 units.

Hundreds of Lowveld residents have shown their generosity towards others in the past few months by giving blood in response to a high-profile donation drive by the local Aida offices.

More than 4100 units of blood have been collected since the group began its national campaign a year ago to bolster the reserves held by the SA National Blood Service (SANBS), and Aida Lowveld has been particularly successful in motivating its clients, suppliers and community to take part by holding blood donation days in the various town in which it operates.

Indeed, it has contributed to the Nelspruit Blood Bank having the highest volume of donated blood countrywide in the past year.

“We aim to serve our clients and the wider community to the best of our ability, and projects such as this are a big part of this commitment,” says franchise owner Marelize Schuld. “We fully support the SANBS campaign to increase blood supplies needed for trauma patients and people who depend on regular transfusions, and continue to invite members of the local business community and loyal clients as well as members of the public to support the cause.”

A major factor in the success of Aida’s national blood donation campaign, says CEO Young Carr, is this type of commitment shown by the group’s franchisees, with more than 50 offices around the country having organised, publicised and assisted with donation drives at local shopping centres, schools, colleges and other venues as well as their own premises (see photo collage)

“In addition, the company’s distinctive red-and-white branding has enabled them to easily highlight the “Is your blood red?” campaign and persuade clients, business partners and members of the public to become regular blood donors.

“And as a result of their efforts, there is a growing understanding that donated blood is literally a lifesaver for many accident victims and people with serious diseases.”

Potential donors can visit the SANBS website www.sanbs.org.za or contact its infoline to find out where and when they can give blood.

Article by: www.aida.co.za