Focus on Umhlanga Rocks, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

This modern bustling town started originally as a farm settled by one of the first Voortrekkers on the banks of the Schoonspruit (‘clear stream’). It continued as a small rural village until the discovery of gold in August 1886. Then the boom began. By 1889 the town had over 200 commercial buildings including 69 taverns and a stock exchange. But the rush did not last long as the gold was too low-grade for most over-capitalised companies to make a profit. Places of interest in the area include the rock engravings at nearby Bosworth Farm, the railway station, Klerksdorp Museum which is housed in the old prison, the original Stock Exchange building and an old cemetery dating back to the Anglo-Boer War. The region’s prosperity today is still from mining gold, and uranium. It is also a large agricultural area with the largest grain co-operative in the southern hemisphere.


The first magistrate of the small community that settled on the banks of the Schoonspruit in 1837, Jacob de Clerq, gave his name to a town founded by Voortrekkers and built by gold mining.

In 1886, thousands of prospectors descended on the quiet rural aggregation of Klerksdorp, and today the city enjoy a healthy economy based on mining and agriculture, for which it is the center of a large district.

Faan Meintjies Nature Reserve Rhino make up one of over 30 animal species, while bird watchers can spot up to 150 species of birds found in this scenic reserve 13km from the city.

Goudkoppie 19th Century mining shafts can be visited, and nearby rock inscriptions of Anglo-Boer War British regiments can be seen.

Klerksdorp Museum - A former prison this beautiful sandstone building's exhibits depict early town life (out of and behind bars!), archaeology, social history and local geological history. Mine Tours Fascinating tours available on request of the Klerksdorp Mine.

Orkney-Vaal Resort - A pleasant resort on the Vaal River bank.

Horse trails at the Rhino Rock Horse Trail and Riding School.

Old Cemetery - the final resting place of British Soldiers who died in the Second War of Independence and children who died in concentration caps in the same war.

Plant House - a wonderful selection of exotic plants in the municipal gardens.

Vaal Reef Gold Mine - the largest gold mine in South Africa.

North Hill Country House - lies in a small private nature reserve just outside the city of Klerksdorp.

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