Property developers look to GTS for broadband service

Goal Technology Solutions (GTS), a broadband services company, announced that it has been contracted by property developer Zotos Construction to supply an integrated residential broadband solution.

The broadband over powerlines (BPL) technology uses the existing electricity grid within the estate. Their first project is to supply the upmarket Park24 development in Kyalami with broadband internet access and telephone services for all units, as well as surveillance cameras, security communication, and access control.

While the technology itself is not entirely new, says GTS CEO Adrian Maguire, it is significant that a developer of Zotos Property Group’s stature has sought a complete broadband solution in a residential development application.

“The residential market is demanding cost effective broadband services provisioning on one seamlessly integrated homogenous network, and with backbone bandwidths of more than 200Mbps possible, that is a very real possibility,” says Maguire.

“The inherent cost effectiveness of marrying all functions within residential developments – from essential services such as access control and security to value-added service like internet access and email to all residents - is very attractive.”

Broadband across electricity grids is one of the most stable systems available, accessible by simply plugging into any electrical wall socket within the estate notes GTS.

Maguire noted that the potential of this technology in South Africa is enormous since South Africa’s electricity grid is well established and extensive.

“South Africa has an advanced electricity grid and the potential for leveraging this network to the benefit of all South Africans technologically is immense,” stated Maguire.

Whilst this new development from GTS is most welcome, the company has as yet to launch their much anticipated ADSL ISP offering which was announced in the middle of this year.

Article by: Cara Christian -