Wood is for ever!

Whether you own a classic 18th century chair, a family heirloom, or you’ve just purchased a contemporary dining room set, proper fine wood furniture care is essential.

Maintain the beauty of your wood and protect your investment. Give your heirlooms the finest wood furniture care and you will be repaid with years of enjoyment and service.


If your wood's surface becomes clogged with dust or dirt, the finish may crack, flake or peel. You must nourish your fine wood finish with a natural cleaning product regularly—this is the basis for all fine wood furniture care.

Here are the most common threats to your fine wood:

  • Pollution- Dirt, dust, smoke and grease can damage your wood's finish, giving it a dull appearance and making the finish flake or peel.
  • Sunlight- Sunlight or bright daylight falling directly on your furniture will dry out the wood’s finish and will cause the finish to bleach out, fade and eventually crack.
  • Humidity- Lack of humidity will dry out the wood finishes and cause cracking. Too much moisture will cause wood to expand, stressing the finish.
  • Silicone- Silicone polishes are deceptive. They produce a high sheen but they can work into the wood's finish and eventually the wood itself. Silicone is virtually impossible to remove —and this makes refinishing extremely difficult.

To best protect your wood—and your investment—always use a natural cleaning product.

Ask your nearest hardware store for more tips and advice on how to care for your wood articles.