Road of Hope gallery opens up for township artists
Mike Greeff, CEO of Greeff Properties, at the entrance to the “Greeff Road of Hope Gallery”.
It is now official: Greeff Properties will in late November be opening an art gallery for viewing previously disadvantaged township artists works, in the Alphen Estate’s historic distillery building.

Nicky and Dudley Cloete-Hopkins, in their roles as custodians of the Alphen Estate in Constantia, have agreed to allow Greeff Properties the use of the distillery until the World Cup in 2010, rent free, provided that it is used as an art gallery for these artists. Dudley Cloete-Hopkins is a trustee of the Greeff Art Trust.

Mike Greeff, Chief Executive of Greeff Properties, says that his group has spent a considerable sum of money on refurbishing the distillery and making it a satisfactory setting for the artworks. Greeff will pay the artists for their work on taking delivery of their pieces and will then plough back any additional monies generated into maintaining the operation and buying new artworks, thus establishing and growing the market for these artists. Surplus money will be placed in trust and used to further township art and art education for those with potential, but lacking the means to further themselves.

“The problem most of these artists face is that they run out of funds and have to find other ways of providing for their families. By paying upfront and selling to the public through this gallery we hope to make it possible for them to live off their art and develop their “names” so that in time they will not need our assistance. Once they have reached new heights and gained their independence, they will move into the open market and make room for the next aspiring artist,” says Greeff.

Some 55 paintings will usually be on display and prices will be from around R1,900 to R10,000 plus.

Graham Leslie, Greeff Properties MD, believes that many of the paintings will prove a good investment. There is, he says, a growing interest in “niche” art and South African township art is proving ever more popular. Some recently completed works, he says, have fetched good prices from buyers from the USA, UK and Northern Europe, but local interest too, has been “quite phenomenal”.

The new art gallery, due to be called the “Greeff Road of Hope Gallery”, will have its opening function on the 26th November 2008. Those wishing to attend should telephone Bianca on 021 763 4120 or email

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