Investors snap up Elgin stands

It has taken just five months for investors to snap up the first 53 specially discounted stands in the new Elgin Country Estate in the Overberg area of the Western Cape.

So says marketing agent Stephan Strydom of Chas Everitt Developments Western Cape, who notes that the estate will ultimately contain 115 stands ranging in size from 400sqm to 1600sqm and priced at an average of R1m once the estate is fully developed. The investor stands were sold at R400 000 each.

Situated at the foot of the Helderberg Mountains, Elgin Country Estate will combine an outdoor, environmentally friendly lifestyle with contemporary living. The area is lauded for its fruit trees, cool climate wines and roses and is an integral part of the “Four Passes” fruit route.

Special focus has been placed on the ecological impact and integration of the estate into the natural environment, Strydom says. A vermiculture (worm) farm will turn biodegradable waste from the estate into compost; solar radiation will supply hot water; gas stoves will be utilised; rain water collection facilities and boreholes will provide for the estate’s water needs and indigenous trees and plants will replace alien flora. The architecture will be low impact and is designed to blend in with the environment.

“Every effort to retain the natural integrity of the area has been employed. Other nature friendly features include low light-pollution streetlights, recycled garden benches and a permanent on-site plant nursery, which will facilitate the beautification of the estate.

“Efforts to include the local community have also been made and locals will be employed as far as possible to supply the needs of the estate. In this way, they will benefit directly from the project.”

A river borders three sides of the estate and four rows of apple trees separate the large, individual plots. Residents can visit the nearby country club or participate in the variety of outdoor activities which include biking, hiking, running, fly fishing, horse riding, canoeing, skydiving and abseiling.

A management and concierge service will also be available to residents and guests and will provide services such as housekeeping, general maintenance in the absence of the owner, rentals and monthly expense management.

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