Jo’burg buyers find value in Henley-on-Klip

There’s exceptional value for money to be had on the property market south of Alberton, with the added bonus of an active municipality that is determined to preserve the pastoral ambience of the area.

So says Pawel Jurkiewicz of Leapfrog Property, who notes: “Properties in Henley-on-Klip have been in increasing demand in the past year or so, and stands generally have nearly tripled in value as more and more people migrate from denser, bustling areas in search of a quieter, safer lifestyle.

“Most stands here are between 2000sqm and 4000sqm, and the Midvaal Municipality will not approve any subdivisions to create stands smaller than 2000sqm. They have also decided that only one dwelling per 1000sqm may be built, meaning that property owners’ investment in a spacious lifestyle, unimpacted by overzealous developers, is protected by law.”

Henley-on-Klip is conveniently located midway between the Johannesburg CBD or Alrode and Vanderbijlpark, with a 20-minute drive involved in reaching either destination. “This makes the area perfect for executives seeking to offer their families a country lifestyle, and properties are exceptional value for money considering what they offer,” says Jacques Bronkhorst, owner of Leapfrog Property, Johannesburg South.

Jurkiewicz says a 2000sqm stand that would have been marketed for R50 000 three years ago will fetch R250 000 now, indicating the rise in demand. “However, a lovely three bed, two bath home with a swimming pool and other extras can still be bought for under R1m, while one of the most exceptional homes I’ve marketed, which was on 12 000sqm and had meticulous landscaping, tennis courts and a beautiful home, sold recently for R4,2m.”

And now with demand outstripping supply, nearby Meyerton is picking up the overflow from Henley-on-Klip. “The cost of land in Meyerton is also relatively low, allowing developers the opportunity to build complexes that offer homes from the R600 000s and upwards,” Jurkiewicz says. “We’ve also seen loads of activity there, with consistent value for money offered to buyers.”

Meanwhile the Midvaal Municipality is also committed to welcoming new business to the area, in order to boost economic activity. For this reason, it views applications for business rights in a more lenient light than perhaps other areas would, although it has identified specific areas that are particularly appropriate for business development. This is also in anticipation of large-scale development during the next 10 years along the R59 corridor alongside Henley-on-Klip.

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