Divorce wranglings can make selling a home difficult
Recent months in the Anne Porter Knight Frank sales experience have once again shown just how complicated house sales can become when they are caused by a divorce.

Discussing this Lanice Steward, MD of Anne Porter Knight Frank said that her agents have learned to tread warily, particularly when one of the parties in the divorce decides to buy a new home before the divorce has gone through.

This, she said, is not a wise move because the new house will form part of the estate and will, in fact, be jointly owned by both parties until the divorce is finalised.

Then, too, there is the problem that the divorcing couple often refuse to cooperate in selling the home. Signatures of both parties are required when a couple is married in community of property but for a whole variety of reasons one of the couple may decide to hold back – very often using this refusal as a lever to get a settlement.

Delays caused by this tactic have on more than one occasion resulted in the buyer going elsewhere, said Steward.

Divorce, she added, can also leave a “bad vibe” in the home of which prospective buyers rapidly become aware. In these situations a cheerful, positive agent, a spring-clean and several bowls of flowers placed at strategic points can do much to recreate the “affectionate, caring vibe that a good home gives off,” said Steward.

Article from: www.anneporter.co.za