World Cup did not affect Rawson Properties turnover
Fears that the South African residential market would “go to sleep” over the World Cup period have proved to be largely groundless, said Bill Rawson, Chairman of Rawson Properties.

Rawson endorsed what at least half a dozen property sector spokespeople have recently said about the potential long term benefits that the World Cup conferred in raising awareness of South Africa’s residential opportunities – but in many companies, he said, there had been a temporary slow down in sales. Rawson’s was, however, the exception.

“At Rawson Properties our sales turnover in June dropped by only 10%, which was far less than we expected,” he said.

The satisfactory sales, he said, had been achieved despite many Rawson Properties’ agents taking time off to attend matches and despite others being “a little distracted” by the general euphoria.

“Some agents,” said Rawson, “were apparently affected to a far greater degree. We have picked up reports of areas where sales fell by 80%. I cannot really explain why Rawson Properties fared so well in comparison to these people - but it was definitely not a flash-in-the-pan because the July sales are already looking promising and indicate, as we predicted previously, that although slow moving the gradual upturn in the housing market is continuing.”

The group’s optimism, added Rawson, is partially supported by greatly improved car and general retail sales, “which in our experience are always followed by increased home sales”.

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