Focus on Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

With a proud past, the city of Pietermaritzburg is a thriving, modern capital that has carried its history fully into the present, yet still encompasses a picturesque country feel. It plays host to spectacular sports events, annual outdoor festival and an agricultural show without parallel on Africa's east coast.
It's a regional hub for higher things: education, arts and government.

Hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and bed & breakfast establishments cater for every tourist need.

And it's a dynamic commercial, educational and industrial centre, with companies that are relocating into its orbit, drawn by a quality of life not easily obtained in South Africa's larger cities.

Yet the country is never far away. Timbered hills cradle the city and the Msunduzi River races through its centre. Climb the old Voortrekker wagon road up to the plateau overlooking Pietermaritzburg from the northwest, and the lush panorama of the province stretches before you from World's View, while abundant parks and gardens keep the city permanently green.

Pietermaritburg has everything from shopping centres and chain stores to factory shops and supermarkets as well as hundreds of small businesses ranging from jewellery stores to coffee shops. When you are looking for anything to buy, has it all...

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