Making a statement with carpets

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Be yourself and bring out your individuality when you choose your next carpets.

It’s just about impossible to get away with completing an interior without having at least an occasional rug or carpet somewhere in the home. Even if you opt to go all-out and carpet every centimeter of flooring, rugs will still have a way of creeping in, adding the visual lift that can make the difference between a dull interior and one filled with excitement and vibe.

Whether you choose classic, chic classic, eclectic, punk chic, contemporary chic or country, you will find something to suit your style at one of the myriad carpet and rug stores around. There are some new styles worth noting when it comes to the latest trends. They include retro-shaggy and the futuristic 2020. “It’s strange that the people that are choosing the shaggy look come from a generation that did not know the 60s rock styles. The older generations wouldn’t dream of going back to shaggy carpets, but the latest shaggies are bright and bold and the youngsters are really enjoying them,” says Shervin Ghorbany of Ghorbany Carpets.

There is no longer a need to stick to one theme throughout the home and modern homeowners are opting for combinations that are more eclectic. Mix-and-match takes on a new meaning when even the genres in one room are mixed together. “I am seeing the emergence of strong individuality,” says Ghorbany. “Carpets are being chosen as a way of making a statement. They are not meant to blend in, but to rather become the focal point of the room. This is very different to the trend of 4 or 5 years ago.”

“Artists are finding beauty in death and extinction currently. It seems strange, but maybe it’s a sign of what’s happening in the world today. Our prediction is that there will be an emergence of a trend that encapsulates the galaxies on the one hand and the inner body on the other. Strangely, design-wise, these two concepts are very close together.”

So, the message is – be yourself, find yourself. When you get to that stage, you are more exposed to each person as an individual. When it comes to carpeting, that means that one line to suit a multitude of applications will not be the order of the day. “One style fits all” will be a thing of the past. It’s now all about creating your own style, making your own statement and telling the world just exactly who you are.

Article by: Bev Hermanson -