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Anne Porter Knight Frank have once again emphasised the huge importance of thoroughly preparing a home for viewing before putting it on the market.

They have published and distributed a knock-and-drop pamphlet that gives ten tips, all of which, says Lanice Steward, MD of Anne Porter Knight Frank, are crucial if you want (as you should) to set your home apart from others on the market.

“I have heard people say that there is no point in “doing up” a home before selling it because buyers are shrewd and can recognise the potential of a property. Do not believe it – it is the small things, the home’s impact on the five senses that make all the difference.”

If you want a home to achieve a good price you must, says Steward, present it to the buyer as a well-maintained property on which care has been lavished.

“It is really simple. A house should look as if it is a place where people have been happy,” she said.

In the run-up to the sales period, said Steward, it is essential to:

· get rid of clutter. Apart from being untidy it makes the room look smaller.

· repair whatever fittings, fixtures and equipment are broken. In particular ensure that the lighting, heating and, most importantly, the security system are working.

· lighten the home, draw back the curtains and blinds and open the shutters. Light, bright homes sell faster than dark ones.

· clean or replace carpets and floor coverings - money spent here will be multiplied many times over. Similarly, although paint is not cheap, a repaint will add huge value to a home.

· eliminate cat, dog or cigarette smells. Invest in air fresheners, open windows and clean up. If necessary, run the vacuum cleaner over the furniture.

· place flowers and fruit bowls “as if you are about to host a party” and play soft music.

· reinvent or upgrade the garden. A few hundred rand spent on planting petunias or daisies, cutting and trimming the lawn and cleaning the pool can make a big difference to the buyer’s reaction.

A further tip, one that is often overlooked, says Steward, is to renovate and improve the domestic room.

“With relatively few people employing servants today these rooms can become junk traps – but they can also be emptied, renovated and made into lettable student accommodation, a study or sewing room. Go this route and you will add significantly to your home’s value.”

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