Performance drooping on listed property companies
The worldwide listed property companies' performance saw 0.6% quarter on quarter growth globally in the fourth quarter of 2005, compared to 5.4% growth in the previous quarter. Performance for 2005 was 7.25% per annum growth with the fourth quarter showing marginal growth.

The S&P/Citigroup BMI Property Indices, provided to for analysis on a regular basis, shows that the Middle East and Africa's performance of 20.3% in the fourth quarter kept the global listed property companies index from heading into negative growth territory. North America at 0.18% growth was the only other continental region to show positive growth in the fourth quarter.

Not all countries provided poor growth in the final quarter of 2005. Japan's listed property companies index saw a sparkling 36% quarterly growth. China saw 19% growth, Philippines and Taiwan 18%. Poland and Thailand 17%, South Africa and the United Kingdom 10%, according to's analysis of the S&P/Citigroup BMI Property Indices.

Countries, which saw sizeable deteriorating performance in the fourth quarter of 2005, were: Chile -15.5%, Spain -12.9%, Malaysia -12.6%, Finland and Switzerland -7%. Looking at 2005 as a whole, Poland's listed property companies index saw a spectacular 77% growth, followed closely by Japan at 72%, Spain 66%, China 53%, Turkey 45%, Germany 41%, South Africa and Sweden at 39%, Israel and Singapore 31% completing the top 10 countries performance rankings.

REITs global performance
The performance of REITs globally, as tracked by S&P/Citigroup BMI REITs indices, saw a disappointing -0.14% drop in the fourth quarter of 2005 and a 4.9% per annum growth for 2005. Regionally, North American REITs salvaged these performance returns with 7.15% per annum for 2005.

In the fourth quarter of 2005, South Africa at 7.9%, New Zealand 6.5%, and Australia at 5% saw meaningful quarter on quarter growth in their listed REITs indices. The top countries' REITs performance for 2005 saw France leading the pack at 26%, followed by Singapore 16%, Canada 14.6%, Belgium 12%, Japan at 9.6%, Netherlands at 9.5%, New Zealand at 8% and the United States at 6.9%. reports that although worldwide listed property companies and REITs performances fell off in the fourth quarter of 2005, selected countries' indices performance were impressive for 2005. Out of the 32 countries' listed property companies' indices monitored by S&P/Citigroup, the top 10 countries showed an average 50% per annum return on price movements alone in 2005, excluding other income such as dividends.

The top five countries' REITs indices, out of the 11 countries monitored, showed a much lower 15.6% per annum on price returns in 2005," reports "We are honoured that S&P/Citigroup have entrusted us with this valuable and continuously updated worldwide publicly listed real estate indices information. By sharing knowledge like this, responsible real estate investment can be enhanced worldwide," says

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