First impressions

Many of us take for granted the impression visitors and guests get when they enter our homes through the front door. Having a beautiful exterior entrance not only makes an impact on visitors but it is uplifting for the owner to come home to each day.

We may pay little attention to this area of the home, but perhaps we should take a closer look. “The entrance way to your house is the first impression of your home and your personality and therefore it should reflect this,” says Anne Roselt, colour manager at Plascon.

According to Roselt, there are no set rules but she recommends a number of colour schemes to choose from to create an inviting outside entrance. Warm colours like terracotta and ochre yellows are welcoming; natural colours are friendly and make people feel comfortable whereas greys are contemporary and classic and white can look sophisticated or create a blissful beach house atmosphere, depending on the location and architecture. “It is important to make sure the colours of your entrance fit in with the environment as well as surrounding homes,” says Roselt.

The benefits of using colour combinations for the main entranceway are huge and can add to the value of your home and your area. Parkview in Joburg is an example of how changing the entrances of the homes added substantial value to the area.

Another tip from Roselt is to use colours that fit in with the environment of your area in a contemporary way. A home should look like it is part of the environment and therefore the colours selected have to reflect this. “The best colour combinations come from the surrounding environment. For example, the colours of the earth and stone of the area will create a very earthy atmosphere. Add some green plants to cool the scheme,” she says.

If you enjoy a neutral colour scheme of white and off-white shades, you may favour a beach look in which case an off-white with a periwinkle blue front door would suit the scheme.

If you are unsure, start with painting your front door. Internationally, painting front doors is very popular but it hasn’t really taken off here yet. Painting your front door in a colour will immediately give it a different look, which can be very contemporary. “Paint it in your favourite colour to reflect your personality,” says Roselt.

You may also want to ask yourself these questions to kick-start some creative ideas:

  • What look do I want to create and what message do I want to send out?
  • What are the colours of the homes in my area and surroundings?
  • What temperature do I want my house to feel like? Don’t go for red if you live in a hot area.
  • What are my favourite colours?

Once you have answered these questions you will be able to select the perfect colours for your front entrance. “It is very welcoming to be greeted by your favourite colour when you come home,” says Roselt.

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