Thousands part with a pint in Aida campaign

The national blood donation campaign recently launched by the Aida real estate group has already yielded more than 2500 precious pints – and is on track to deliver thousands more before it ends.

“We started the campaign late last year to help meet the high demand for donated blood that always accompanies the festive season,” says Aida CEO Young Carr, “and we’re carrying on strongly now in the light of the appeals for extra supplies to be available during the Soccer World Cup.”

Working with the SA National Blood Service, Aida offices around the country are making full use of their distinctive red and white branding to highlight the “Is your blood red?” campaign and persuade clients, business partners and members of the public to donate blood regularly.

And more than 50 offices have already organised, publicised and assisted with donation drives at local shopping centres, schools, colleges and other venues as well as their own premises, collecting an average of 50 pints a time.

The plan also provides for each Aida office to “adopt” a blood donation centre in their area or form a partnership with a mobile blood donation unit to keep the campaign moving nationally. They are also setting up SMS networks to keep blood donors informed of dates and venues of blood drives.

“Donated blood is literally a lifesaver for many accident victims and people with serious diseases,” says Carr, “and we are committed to this campaign as a way to make a real difference in the communities we serve.”

Potential donors can visit the SANBS website or contact its infoline to find out where and when they can give blood.

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