Make those For Sale signs work for you
Much has been written lately about For Sale signs - and how unsightly they can be if there are no proper controls over where and when they appear or how many agents may use.

And we know many homeowners also have doubts about allowing them to be displayed on their properties for fear of putting their privacy and security at risk.

However, we can't let all this pass without putting the case in favour. Quite simply, having a For Sale sign on a home is like having an agent on duty 24/7 - and there are plenty of statistics to prove that these signs not only generate additional interest in the property but often lead directly to sales.

In short, the "pros" far outweigh the "cons" associated with For Sale signs - and sellers can easily avoid being invaded by competing agents or unqualified buyers by following some simple procedures:

  • Do not allow any sign to be displayed on your property unless you have given your written permission to an agent who has your mandate to market the property.
  • Award a sole mandate and insist that your agent's For Sale sign carries the words "sole mandate" so other agents will be aware of the situation and won't pester you.
  • Do not display "For Sale By Owner" or "Private Sale" signs carrying your own phone number. Rather give your mandate to a reputable agency and let your agent field the calls from prospective buyers and pre-qualify them before arranging for them to view your home at a time that suits you. This protects both your privacy and security.
  • Deal only with agents that adhere to the local bylaws and regulations regarding For Sale signs. For example, even if you do award more than one mandate, the number of signs that may be displayed per property are usually restricted to one per agency and a maximum total of three. Bylaws usually also cover the size, shape and condition of the signs that may be used, and reputable agents will of course ensure that no unsightly boards detract from the appearance of the property.

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