"Hosting" a cell phone transmission mast is a great way to get additional income

Anton du Plessis, Chief Executive of Vineyard Estates, pointed out recently that any property with an MTN/Vodacom transmission mast on it is always paid a substantial monthly rental – frequently more than R10,000 per month.

“The rental paid appears to depend on just how strategic the position of the mast is,” said du Plessis. “Some of the rental figures that I have heard about seem to be almost ludicrously high.”

Du Plessis said that his experience is that owners of homes with masts on them very soon become accustomed to them and, obviously, welcome the good rentals that they produce.

Asked about cellular fallout, which was much discussed at the time that cell phones were first introduced to South Africa, du Plessis said that according to information made available to him the signal strength given off by a cell phone mast is only 1% of what the Health Authorities, in fact, allow.

Depending on the height of the installation, a user living directly beneath a cellular mast would often receive a weaker signal than someone situated 30 or 40 metres away, due to the shape of the broadcast. The ambient signal strength in shopping centres is significantly higher than that experienced in a dwelling next to a mast. In shopping centres cellular signal strength has to cope not only with thick concrete barriers but also with high volumes of users in a relatively small area.

“There would, therefore, seem to be absolutely no danger in having a mast of this kind on your property,” he said.

New masts, said du Plessis, are still being put up. If, therefore, you think your property is well placed to serve in the signal distribution network, it might be worth letting cell phone companies know, in writing, enclosing a map of your area with the proposed position of the mast.

Article by: vineyardestates.co.za