Eco standard wins Cape Town City Council Endorsement

Rayne Neave, who established Eco Standard SA, now endorsed by the Cape Town City Council, at the Building Centre from where ESSA operate.
Eco Standard SA (ESSA), established last year by Rayne Neave, is an organisation which awards companies and products seeking recognition for their good environmental practice and for meeting environmental accreditation criteria that comply with internationally recognised standards.

The credibility of ESSA has now been reinforced by a public endorsement from the Cape Town City Council.

The City Council endorsement, said Neave, is a big help.

“It is known countrywide that the Council have set high standards for environmental compliance because they intend to be one of the first truly ‘sustainable’ cities in Africa, operating on environmentally acceptable principles – which includes the use of non-polluting energy sources.

“All our assessment criteria have been approved the City of Cape Town as credible,” said Neave recently, “and this recognition of our initiative will reinforce our message that product and service transparency is imperative if consumers are to self regulate the industry.”

ESSA has over the past year developed assessment criteria for the following categories:

  • Eco Excellence, for outstanding all round environmental practices;
  • Eco Product, for products that are environmentally beneficial;
  • Eco Ethic, for good environmental and social practice; and
  • Eco Contractor, for contractors who run their organisations on an environmental management plan (EMP).

Eco Standard is now working to assist certain corporate retail chains to achieve a reduction of their environmental impact by assessing and assuring that all building material suppliers and services used in any new stores developed meet ESSA’s environmental standard.

“The task is always comprehensive – it involves seeing that all their suppliers comply with acceptable environmental standards and all applicants undergo a thorough assessment and third party site audit.”

Eco Standard’s third party auditors are, Jeffares & Green, environmental scientists and technical engineers (who are ISO 9001 certified). Jeffares & Green assess all applicants in relation to the ISO 14024 certification criteria, which are internationally recognised.

Eco Standard currently operates form the Building Centre in Cape Town and is strategising a greener future for their forthcoming permanent exhibit centre.

For further information contact Rayne Neave on 021 685 3040

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