Harfield Village

Harfield Village prices continue upward trend

Anne Porter Knight Frank is marketing this renovated cottage in Harfield Village at a price of R1,425 million.
Very few people, says Lanice Steward, Managing Director of Anne Porter Knight Frank, could have predicted accurately the remarkable way in which homes in Harfield Village have escalated in price despite the recession and despite its close position from the Cape Town CBD.

Jenny Zinn, the APKF agent serving this area confirmed this.

“Demand here,” she said, “has always exceeded the supply. As a result prices have risen steadily: in 2008 the area had 43 sales at an average price of R1 241 200. In 2009 there were 67 sales at an average price of R1 324 800. This year it is still too early to give final figures but our data indicates a further 8% price rise and good sales so far despite a serious shortage of stock.”

In the circumstances, says Zinn, APKF’s latest Harfield Village offering is good value.

“Behind the cottage’s exterior, one of the best and most thorough renovations seen in this area has taken place. The home has top of the range, up to the minute finishes and a wonderful indoor-outdoor flow.”

“The asking price of R1,425 million,” says Zinn, “only partially takes into account the large sums spent on the chic upgrading of the home and the landscaping of the private garden.”

“Anyone buying here,” she said, “would soon become part of one of the friendliest and most with-it communities in the Cape Peninsula. This is yuppie territory: the residents are mainly young, cheerful and reasonably affluent, they enjoy adventurous, sporty lifestyles and good local dining facilities.”

Article from: www.anneporter.co.za