"Devils Peak" vs "Vredenhoek"

"As an old resident of the Devil's Peak Estate area, I noticed that various Estate Agents in the City Bowl Area have a lot of properties incorrectly listed as "Devil's Peak" properties, when they are in fact in Vredehoek. The concern is of course that by incorrectly listing the area's that these properties are situated in, valuations and ultimately the rates could be severely affected. This problem I had first-hand experience of when we objected to the last valuations and by proving to Council where our home was situated and the size of the property - our Rates were effectively halved once they verified the area & zoning differences.

I also assume that prospective buyers would like to know the actual area they are purchasing their property in, and not find out at a later stage that they don't actually live where they thought they did? Imaging someone buying a home in Constantia - only to find out later it is actually in "Upper" Bergvliet!

A very easy way of determining the differences between the two suburbs is the following:

  1. Devil's Peak has smaller, usually 1/2 the size properties to Vredehoek.
  2. Devil's Peak is zoned for single dwellings "SD-CCC" only - Vredehoek is "R4-CCC" as well as single dwelling
  3. VERY Important - Devil's Peak Estate does NOT have Flats, Townhouses or Multi-dwelling units. Therefore - High Cape, Disa Park etc. are all in Vredehoek.

Should you wish to verify this demarcated area, you can actually go and visit council and ask for copies of the following old original plans: B-81, B-82, B-83 & B-84

Hope this info helps with some of the confusion of the area's?

We have sent a letter to the Community Papers as well with copies of the map and have asked them to publish it to allow people to take note of the area itself.
Devil's Peak is a very sensitive area and we're hoping to exert some sort of control over development of the area and to prevent possible incorrect zoning of the area, that could allow multi-storey or multiple dwellings to be built.

By: Peter van der Linden