Double-check the details in your holiday unit

In residential letting, you usually only have to keep one tenant happy all year. But in holiday letting, you could have dozens of people to satisfy in the hope that they will come back or at least recommend your rental unit to friends.

And to do this successfully, says Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group, you need to think as if you’re running your own mini-hotel in each unit you rent out.

“In this market, the rental you charge doesn’t only cover the accommodation but also all the furniture, linens, kitchen utensils and other items used on a daily basis, as well as any luxury extras such as DVD players, hot tubs, golf carts and gas braais – and these must all be in good condition and proper working order for your paying ‘guests’ to feel really welcome, comfortable and keen to come again.

“If the microwave is broken, the sheets are grubby and TV remote doesn’t work, it is unlikely that anyone will opt for a second stay, even if your unit boasts a great location or a lovely view.”

Writing in the Property Signposts newsletter, he says that these may seem like small things, “but no-one wants to be irritated on holiday, and attention to detail is especially important right now when most consumers are still on tight budgets and very value conscious.

“Fortunately for those who own holiday rental units, there is still time this year to make sure that all is spruce and shipshape for the big holiday season in December and January. Now is the time to take stock, call in repairmen where necessary and hire a painting crew.”

It is also the time, Everitt says, to replace battered cooking utensils, check that the fridge works, make a proper inventory and get yourself a topnotch letting agent – “one who doesn’t just collect rentals and hand over keys to each new renter, but who really understands holiday letting and has the energy, resources and willingness to check your unit regularly and make sure that it and everything in it is kept clean, properly maintained and attractive”.

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