Focus on Wilderness, Garden Route, South Africa

The Village with a Difference… Wilderness

Wilderness has become an internationally sought after holiday resort. It is renowned as much as for its natural beauty, vast stretches of beach, tranquility and calm seas, as it is for its tradition of hospitality, which began as far back as the late 1800’s.

Whilst Wilderness is the convenient area for exploring the Garden Route, it offers a rich diversity of attractions. Within the village are coffee shops, bistros and restaurants.

Bird-watching is a rare and unique experience, for here is a tapestry of interwoven wetlands, forests, mountains, beaches, open fields and fynbos that provide habitat for over the 200 species. Canoeing on the Touw River or the Serpentine – which meanders between the Touw River, Island Lake, Langvlei and Rondevlei is a popular and relaxing pastime.

You can enjoy mountain biking, whale and dolphin watching, paragliding, horse riding, scenic drives and day tours as well as an extensive network of hiking trails. The indigenous forest at the 800-year old Woodville Big Tree is a favourite.

Excellent viewpoints include the Map of Africa for its breathtaking scenery of lakes, forests, mountains and coast. Dolphin’s Point, which is known for its whale and dolphin watching.

Set in the hills behind Wilderness, between the mighty Outeniquas and the sea, Hoekwil is an unspoiled little town from the past. The views of lakes, sea, mountains and valleys from this lofty rural village are astounding.

With all these attractions basking in year-round sunshine, a splendid winter climate where balmy, daytime temperatures rarely fall below 10 °C, and a well-earned reputation for hospitality, Wilderness is truly the Garden Route’s premier holiday destination.

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