In the area 1 – Kleinkrans
Discerning retirees and holidaymakers are discovering the charm – and attractive home prices – in the Kleinkrans area near the perennially popular Wilderness on the Garden Route.

Kleinkrans, situated about 10 minutes’ drive from Wilderness, offers all the peace and beauty that have made Wilderness one of the most favoured spots along the scenic coastline but, says Annie Dryling of the local Aida office, it comes at a cheaper price.

“Cozy two-bedroom homes in Kleinkrans are selling from about R500 000 and discerning buyers view properties here as a sound investment since they can use their homes as holiday accommodation and later retire to the coast.”

Small residential stands of around 315sqm are selling at prices of R350 000 and up.

“Buyers from around the country, especially Gauteng, as well as international buyers are currently showing interest in Kleinkrans properties. However, Wilderness itself has lost none of its appeal and three-bedroom family homes in the town are selling well at prices from around R1,8m.” she says.

“Retirees and people relocating from Gauteng are currently active in the market, with tourism-related properties a draw card for younger buyers who wish to make a living at the coast. Restaurants and bed-and-breakfast concerns are the usual targets of this type of buyer.”

Prices of properties suitable for bed-and-breakfasts range between R3m and about R27m, says Dryling. In the lower price ranges properties with five bedrooms are available while more expensive properties offer up to 14 bedrooms.

Meanwhile, smallholdings near Hoekwil remain popular among the horsy set as well as lifestyle investors from upcountry and overseas. Prices of 2ha units start at around the R2m mark, she says.

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