Focus on 2010 Fifa Football World Cup
Exceptional hospitality, passionate fans, pulsating football - if the quality of the football during the 2009 ConFed Cup games is anything to go by, the world is in for an absolute feast when the World Cup arrives in Africa for the first time in 2010.

The 2010 World Cup, which kicks off on 9 June 2010, will be hosted by nine South African cities and the tournament’s 64 matches will be played in 10 stadiums.

Football - or soccer - is the most widely played sport in South Africa, with its traditional support base in the black community and is intensely followed.

Local teams, organised in a national league plus a number of knock-out cups, are followed with passion by paint-daubed, costumed, whistling and cheering fans.

World Cup Facts
Ticketing, transport, communications, health, banking and other information you need to know.

World Cup Accommodation
Links to the nine cities and surrounding towns where the 2010 World Cup Matches will be played with list of accommodation options in each city/town.

Hosting Cities
The Football World Cup, which kicks off on 9 June 2010, will be hosted by nine South African cities.

World Cup Stadiums
The Football World Cup will be played out in 10 newly built or upgraded stadiums, in nine South African Provinces

Do the Diski Dance
Start learning the soccer-based moves of South Africa's diski dance and you'll start feeling the rhythm of African football - and the energy and passion that's in store at the 2010 World Cup.

The Vuvuzela
The trumpet that has come to symbolise South African football.

Key Match Dates

* Quarter Finals
- Johannesburg 02 July 2010
- Johannesburg 03 July 2010
- Cape Town 03 July 2010
- Port Elizabeth 02 July 2010

* Semi Finals
- Cape Town 06 July 2010
- Durban 07 July 2010

* 3 & 4th Place
- Port Elizabeth 10 July 2010

* Final
- Johannesburg 11 July 2010

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