Telkom and your home's value.

A home is a home is a home. Right? Or so you would think but a home isn't a home without essential services. Up until recently this meant roads, water, sewerage and electricity but connectivity to the online world is starting to become one of these essential services. The primary need for telephones in homes has been replaced by cellular technology but people are finding that they are still largely dependant on Telkom to be connected to the World Wide Web.

Other than the people in Cape Town who are supremely grateful to just have electricity, South Africans are beginning to understand the value of 24/7 connectivity; to work, to play, to communicate, to interact. Being plugged into the World Wide Web is becoming a priority and not a luxury.

Even game lodges where the aim is to ostensibly 'unplug' from the rat race and wired world are all scrambling to become connected to the rest of the world and provide this essential service to their clients.

The value of your home is becoming more and more dependant on your ability to plug into the grid from home for work, education, communication or entertainment. In some instances a simple dial-up capability provides somewhat of a shaky - and expensive - connection to this cyber world but it is becoming more and more important to have a much better connection.

Enter ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line that provides much improved speed and reliability. Unfortunately only some Telkom exchanges provide this facility and so large numbers of the population are still being kept in the digital dark. The cost in this country is also in the order of 10 times the cost of this service anywhere else in the world, but that's another rant saved for another day.

Developers have huge headaches when our local telephony monopoly doesn't come to the party and provide basic communication in new developments. Security and access control rest largely on the telephone infrastructure and a resistance to move into areas that are as yet still 'unwired' is a real problem for developers as buyers find that being connected is a must.

I, for one, work from home and would never be able to move into an area without a decent ADSL service. If I ever moved I could only do so if my new home was adequately wired. Give me my juice.

Article by: Dave Welmans -