Have Fun - Tips on Decorating a Dorm Room

It's ironic that the first few steps many young people take into adulthood are spent unpacking in an eggshell-white dorm room. At a time in life when nothing seems as important as self-expression, one stands, eyebrows knitted, wondering how a tiny, perfunctory room could ever truly reflect individuality, while still abiding by lame rules such as no decorative painting, candles or nails in the walls.

Body pillows, funky desk brighteners and brightly-striped bed rest pillows are only a few items that can be used to brighten up this tiny room.

But even with funky dorm gear, college kids still need to think practically to make the most of a tiny room. Finding space is the most daunting challenge in a dorm room. Consider stacking storage shelves with baskets, for stray papers, on top of desks and dressers. Don't forget under-the-bed space. Plastic storage units are perfect for holding T-shirts or underwear. Those searching for a little more character can rummage through flea markets to find drawers from broken-down dressers. Paint them, add some new hardware and casters to the bottom and you've got a horizontal under-bed dresser.

Not only should roomies call one another to determine who's bringing the television, who's bringing the refrigerator and who's bringing the stereo, roomies also decide on a common, dominate color. Throw a rug on the floor for warmth and "punch up" the room with multi-colored duvets and pillows, she said. And to cover up those bare walls, create a "graffiti wall" to hold funny quotes and goofy drawings. Be sure to check with the college or university to make sure such items, no matter how delightful, will be welcome.