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Marketing South African real estate internationally remains a committed focus of Chas Everitt International, but the leading national property group has now brought the world of international property investment to South Africans.

The launch of this venture has proved to be well timed due to the convergence of a number of factors, chief amongst these being;

  • the increase in the allowance for overseas investment (currently R2 million for individual and R4 million for family) plus generous annual travel allowances not exceeding R500 000
  • the substantial growth in real estate equity enjoyed by South Africans in their properties
  • the positive attitude towards real estate investment resulting from a long local boom
  • a weak dollar

Chas Everitt's research shows there is significant numbers of potential investors keen to investigate real estate investment opportunities in other countries, particularly at a time when the South African property market has shown considerable signs of cooling. In addition many with property portfolios are questioning the wisdom of having all their real estate investments in one country. In addition to well selected investments resulting in a substantial return on investment a property purchase can potentially be a vehicle to acquire residency in another country, an attraction option to those interested in acquiring a second citizenship.

Chas Everitt Overseas Properties will focus on properties that offer the best investment potential in line with the needs of the particular buyer. Catering either for individuals who wish to acquire a lifestyle investment (a property primarily for the use of their own family and friends) or a focused investment where rental returns and capital growth are the dominant considerations.

The Investors Club has attracted a lot of interest and will be structured to manage and facilitate the collective purchase of properties either through the popular fractional ownership structure (restricted to no more than four owners i.e. a substantial 25% share) or a share in a property owning company that will own an international portfolio of property investments.

A well established and popular trend in Europe, investment in a second home has been a real estate phenomenon over the last ten years, a boom that has grown with the enlargement of the European Union. South Africans however, were effectively denied an early opportunity to invest in popular European markets due to the low value of the Rand, as well as legal and financial restrictions at the time, but there are new and exciting developing markets that now offer excellent opportunities such as Brazil, Argentina, selected Caribbean countries as well as countries in Eastern Europe.

There are also African countries that deserve attention including Egypt, Morocco and Mauritius. More costly favorites in the Mediterranean will be available through an exclusive partnership with one of Europe's largest specialists in the region, MASA, with properties in Spain, Cyprus, Italy and Turkey.

Chas Everitt Overseas properties was launched on Wednesday 20th February 2008 at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. A useful website offers a growing selection of property investments and information.

For more information contact Andre de Villiers or Maxine Ross at 021 673 1520 or click here to email them.

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