Who may attend meetings?

We have three units in our scheme. I used to own two and have just sold one. The chairman and secretary own one and I am the managing agent. We are having a meeting to discuss the budget next week.

Surely the new owner should be entitled to attend this meeting even though she is not a trustee?

All owners are entitled to attend both meetings of owners and meetings of the trustees. So, yes, the new owner is entitled to attend the meeting and she should have received adequate notice of this meeting in accordance with the rules of the scheme.

I assume the meeting you are having next week is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) as this is the meeting at which the budget must be approved by the owners and a host of other compulsory business must be done in terms of prescribed management rule 56.

As your scheme is so small I would suggest that you try to bring the new owner onto the board of trustees so that all three owners are consulted before communal decisions are made

Article by: Jennifer Clements - www.paddocks.co.za