The Value of Professionalism and Experience

Many homeowners marketing their homes for sale think selling privately is the way to go to sell their homes in this tougher market. The argument of no commission, a slightly lower asking price and knowing your own home better than anyone else unfortunately is not enough to justify going it alone in this market if you are a serious seller.

Len Wilmot of Homelink Estates in Gordon’s Bay says “Using the services and expertise of a specialised and professional estate agent is crucial if you seriously want to sell and avoid getting caught up in the viewings, negotiations and emotions of selling your property.”

“You see, its not the price and commission that finds potential buyers, it’s the estate agent’s marketing efforts that attract them. Through adverts, Internet, show houses, promotion and most importantly through the agents networking, they are able to generate constant interest in the property. Private sellers find it very difficult to achieve a high enough interest level from serious buyers to ensure a sale.”

With all the hidden traps private selling can hold for sellers, consider the following reasons to use a professional estate agent’s services to sell your property.

1. Experience and Knowledge

A professional agent is trained, qualified and experienced in the property market and knows your area. As an expert this agent will have a track record of ability and will act in your best interest throughout the selling process giving you feedback at all times.

2. Marketing

Property promotion is key and this involves all the small tasks that take time and continuous effort. This includes, but is not limited to, listing; photographing; networking and advertising through newspapers and internet as well as putting up boards and planning show houses.

3. Pricing

The correct pricing plan is very important in getting your property sold.

A qualified estate agent knows what the market conditions are and can fully explain there implications to you, whether they are good or bad. Sometimes an agent might even advise you not to sell at that time if you don’t need to, because the market at that time might not be conducive to getting the best price. The agent will also know your area and its dynamics so that you can together determine a marketing plan to sell your property at the best possible price. A professional agent won’t market your property at too high a price knowing it’s too high, because it will impact the property negatively in the longer term. The property will become stale to potential buyers who will see the property is not selling causing them to wonder if there is something wrong with the property.

4. Buyer’s Database and Networks

Through advertising and networking, good estate agents will have a continuous flow of local, national and international prospective buyers on their books and from continuous marketing efforts. It is important to keep buyers going through your property especially in this market so that you can find the right match of seller and buyer. A professional agent will screen and interview buyers to establish buying criteria further enabling the matching of potential buyers accurately to the right property.

5. Closing the Deal

Being able to successfully negotiate, close a deal is as important as getting an offer to purchase. Professional estate agents can close deals and negotiate the best possible price. Good agents can read buying signals and get an offer to purchase drawn up timeously without being pushy. This becomes difficult for private sellers as they are personally involved.

5. Administration and Process

The estate agent will handle the process from negotiating of offers and counteroffers through to the preparation of legal and financial documents needed to complete a sale successfully. The paper trail can be complex and it is better to have an impartial estate agent involved so that there is no emotional involvement from either party and the estate agent can deal with the sales process in its entirety, including dealing with the attorneys, beetle and electrical inspections, etc.

“The right agent will fulfill this criterion with professionalism and integrity. Always staying in contact with you, giving progress reports at all times and supporting you through the process to the successful completion of the sale of your property” says Len Wilmot of Homelink Estates.

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