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Home Grown Talent - Meet Juanita Knox every Saturday and Sunday on The Home Channel:

You may know Juanita Knox as the presenter of Home Grown on The Home Channel, but there is plenty more to this talented lady with green fingers.

Born in the then Rhodesia, she moved down to South Africa in 1982 with her family when she was thirteen years old. Attending Lyttleton Manor School in Centurion she soon developed a love for the natural sciences and art and both of these disciplines influenced her future career.

Although a diligent and enthusiastic student Juanita’s passion was horses. She started riding from the age of six and under the careful encouragement of her mother she soon developed her equestrian talent. She and her horse Duke of Light were vying for a place on the South African Olympic team. Sadly the death of this extraordinary horse put an end to her competitive dreams. Faced with an uncertain future and family financial disaster, it was time for Juanita to put her love of hard work and the outdoors to use.

Tapping into her entrepreneurial spirit and intense will to survive, Juanita created Status Gardens which since 1987 has become a recognised landscaping feature on the Gauteng map. Largely self-taught, Juanita says common sense and the influence of her grandmother and mother, who are both keen gardeners, are the key factors in her business success. Well known for pushing the boundaries of garden design, Juanita has developed a signature style incorporating concepts drawn form science, abstract art, mathematics and holistic principles and she has received many accolades including Landscaper of the Year from the Pretoria News.

When she is not on site creating a horticultural masterpiece, Juanita is an adrenalin junkie and lists biking and paragliding as two of her favourite pass times. She has invested in her dream property in the Wilderness which consists of a natural forest, an old farm house, a water tower and a shed and is in the process of turning this real estate pumpkin into a Cinderella rural retreat.

Quick Facts:

Dream: To gallop across a misty, English paddock at dawn among ancient oaks

Muse: TV gardening guru Diarmuid Gavin

Destination: The World.

Food: Health food nut

Movies: Anything screened at Cinema Nouveau

Wheels: Midnight blue Mercedes 500 SL

Books: Spiritual / philosophy, to find authentic power and real life values

Home Grown, presented by Juanita Knox is broadcast on The Home Channel, DStv 55. Saturdays 3pm and 10pm and Sunday 9am and 5pm

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Elana Closenberg

Article by: Susan Siebert - Senior Producer