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Technical Finishes, the Johannesburg and Cape Town based company that supplies the construction industry with specialised products formulated in most cases by themselves, has initiated a sales drive to widen their client base, and make more people aware of one of the basic products with which Technical Finishes first came onto the market.

In Cape Town a new sales representative has been appointed to promote the product, particularly to the "bakkie brigade" who handle many of the smaller contracts and renovation work – and who, in many cases, still have good order books despite the economic downturn.

The product, Smooth ‘n Patch, is a specialised cement based mortar with a resin additive that gives it extra strength and resilience. It was, says Technical Finishes CEO, Mike Grose, developed specifically for the repair of damaged concrete floors which are subject to considerable wear and tear. It has, in his view, proved more successful than the majority of products developed for this purpose.

“Several other companies have launched imitation products but Smooth ‘n Patch remains a market leader for the simple reason that it outlasts most of its rivals. The average life of a repaired floor is ten years.”

Smooth ‘n Patch is towelled on and cures in ten to twelve hours. It is supplied in a kit made up of 25kg of powder and five litres of liquid and can be mixed as required on site.

Grose said that his company still does not supply the hardware stores. One reason for this is that certain of their products require specialist application skills for which training is advisable. Smooth ‘n Patch can, however, be applied by any DIY enthusiast. It comes in a neutral cement colour and can be painted over.

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