IGrow Wealth Investments, the next generation of property investment:

We hope the property bubble bursts! In an investment environment where traditional investments and equity markets are being negatively affected by the global slowdown, IGrow Wealth Investments advances a tried-and-tested strategy by using the banks money to finance multiple entry-level properties, in a high return rental market, with no-money-down! IGrow Wealth is a premier property group primarily focused on property investment education and the sourcing of selected entry-level investment properties in high capital growth areas. Where the middle and high end of the property market are feeling the effects of new legislative control through National Credit Act and rising interest rates, our suggested entry-level properties are only mildly affected by these factors due to the demand remaining unchanged for this class of property or, in some cases, increasing. The real gain is the rental market which has seen a sharp increase in rental demand which has invariably pushed rental prices up beyond 30% annual increase.

The founders of IGrow Wealth are successful property investors in their own right, Jacques & Frans Fouché together with Pieter van der Walt. Collectively they share a wealth of more than 60 years of experience in property investment. Their passion in sharing their secrets and successes by presenting property investment seminars followed by personal consultations, whereby a specific action plan is structured for each individual to buy multiple properties with the banks money, minimizing your risks and maximizing your returns.

Jeremy Klerck recently joined the IGrow team as head of Trust and Legal division. Jeremy is qualified Attorney specializing in Trusts structuring for property investment and business purposes by, ring-fencing your risks and structuring your personal, and property portfolios in tax efficient limited liability entities.

Topics covered during the seminar:

  • How the high crime rate and Eskom power shortages can benefit your properties
  • Earn immediate passive income & save up to 40% and more on taxes!
  • How, where and which properties to buy
  • Qualify for multiple bonds & avoid the National Credit Act
  • Trusts: latest strategies (detailed presentation)
  • Ring fence your risks & guarantee your family's protection
  • How to buy and finance multiple properties
  • How to buy properties with no money down
  • How to buy and finance multiple properties with the banks money
  • Foolproof investment strategies that will ensure that you retire young and rich
  • Unique refinancing & property investment software
  • Massive savings on transfer & bond costs
  • How to protect yourself against risks such as: interest rate hikes, bad tenants & hidden costs

The latest and most exciting aspect of this dynamic company is the launch of their Referral System. In a nutshell any person could refer potential investors and receive up to R5 000 for every successful transaction in perpetuity.

The truth is the average person understands and recognizes the advantages for wealth creation through property investment, however the complexity and expertise required to be effective in this area is beyond the scope of the average person. IGrow recognizes this need and offers the prospective investor the opportunity to learn the secrets of success through our seminars, and then the support of the Investor Team comprising Property Strategists, Attorneys, Bond Originator, Financial Planner, Sales Consultant and Chartered Accountant. Everyone can and should be using this method of becoming financially independent through property investment.

Our next seminars are:

27 October 2008

Booking is essential:

Contact details: Lezelle Jordaan, (021) 979 2501 / lezelle@igrow.co.za
Website: www.igrowwealth.co.za

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