Rawson asks Groote Schuur property owners to support the CID initiative

Several factors, says Bill Rawson, Chairman of Rawson Properties, are likely to make the new Groote Schuur City Improvement District initiative, now being formed, a success, but the participation of the University of Cape Town, which is contributing to the process is a major reason for believing that it will be especially worthwhile.

Over the last two decades, said Rawson, the so-called academic and professional belt from Newlands to Observatory has become a sought after residential area in which property price rises have outperformed those of most other Greater Cape Town suburbs. The CID initiative will reinforce this trend, making property here even more valuable and encouraging further development.

The university’s participation, said Rawson, stems from the fact that single students, whether living alone or with others, tend from time to time to stay out late and are “vulnerable”.

UCT, he said, wants to be able to assure parents that their offspring are in safe residential precincts.

As in Claremont, where the CID effort is credited with achieving a marked decrease in crime and an improvement in general cleanliness, the Groote Schuur CID will introduce security patrols and clean up services. Vagrants will be controlled and assisted to find safe havens at night.

“Experience shows that this type of gentle but firm control results in vagrants eventually moving on,” said Rawson.

Although figures have not been discussed yet, the CID could end up employing 200 people.

Rawson stressed that the area under discussion – especially Rondebosch – had good police services and reasonably low crime figures. The new effort will simply improve the situation further.

One issue which will have to be attended to is the provision of more public toilets. These, said Rawson, are a vital component in any area upliftment plan but they have to be manned and possibly privatised if they are to contribute to the improvement.

All property owners in the area, said Rawson, must support the CID, even though it is likely to result in a 15% rise in their rates and taxes.

“The ensuing rise in property values and rentals will more than compensate for this: it is a top-grade investment.”

Article by: www.rawsonproperties.com