APKF MD warns against increased crime over festival season

It is that time of the year again: if you have survived the recession, still have one or two rands in the bank and were not one of the fortunate few who have just already had a holiday, the chances are you are now planning a Christmas break away from home.

This will probably entail locking up and leaving your residence – but, beware, December and early January are the months in which burglaries and break-ins proliferate.

“Ask any police station how they feel about the festive season and you are likely to get a rather sour response,” says Lanice Steward, MD of Anne Porter Knight Frank. “At this time of the year burglars seem to appear from nowhere.”

Steward advises APKF clients to start checking on the security of their homes at least a week before they leave.

It is particularly important, she says,

  • that every security light should be working.
  • that the batteries in the alarm system are in tip-top condition and connected to an efficient charger.
  • that the perimeter beams, contacts, lights and electrical fencing are operational and not are not being interfered with by branches or plants.
  • that electric contact points on doors and windows are clean and functional. (They can often rust or come loose.)
  • that the automatic irrigation system in the garden has all its heads intact and that these are unclogged. It is always disheartening to return to find that a part of the garden has died through lack of water.
  • that a trusted friend will visit the home every three to four days.

“It is worth noting,” says Steward, “that insurance companies will either not pay or reduce their payment, if on checking with the security service provider, they find that the alarm was not activated at the time of the intrusion.”

Article by: www.anneporter.co.za/