Housing goal off target

One of the mayoral priorities for the present council’s term of office, which will be ending in nine months’ time, is housing. I was disgusted with the City of Joburg last week when I read the story about them rebuilding shacks that had been torn down. They tear down the shacks but do no t provide these people with housing, as they are required to by law. It is a sick joke.

To make matters worse, the courts insist that the city re-erect the shacks. Why not insist that the city provide RDP housing?

Oh wait, I forgot. It’s because Joburg hasn’t built enough RDP houses. They claim they don’t have enough money and they have to cut back.

Joburg is supposed to build 100000 houses by the election next year . They have only build 60000. Unless they really put effort into it, they will not manage that target.

Clr Tsepo Mhlongo

DA spokesman on housing in Joburg

Article by: Tsepo Mhlongo - www.businessday.co.za