Rawson Fish Hoek franchise predicts prices throughout area will rise

Rawson Properties' Fish Hoek franchise, which reopened earlier this year under new franchisees Leon Bosman and Cathy Baker, has already achieved a market share of 20% and, says Bosman, has overcome the perception previously created that this agency was just one of the also-rans in the property business.

"Sales in Fish Hoek are," said Bosman, "rising steadily and according to the SAPTG in March to May were over R25 million. In that same period we sold R8,280,000 worth of property in our territory which now includes Simon’s Town and we expect to increase this exponentially as historically the market tends to improve during spring and summer months. ."

Fish Hoek, said Cathy Baker, is still very reasonably priced, with the average home going for approximately R1,2 million, which is some 50% below that of similar middle class homes in the Greater Cape Town area and possibly 200% lower than those of homes in the really affluent areas.

"This affordability," she said, "makes Fish Hoek very attractive to many of the younger couples and those who are levelling off in their careers or retiring.

"It is still possible at Fish Hoek and surrounding areas to buy a well appointed three or four bedroom home for between R950,000 and R1,4 million," said Baker. "On such homes we regularly achieve rentals of between R5,000 and R9,000 per month."

Bosman said that some idea of the growing appeal of Fish Hoek can be gained from the fact that the website for property in the area recently had 1,505 hits in 60 days, of which one-third were for rentals.

"There can be no doubt that this is a future growth point in which prices could be 15% up by the end of 2011 - but at the moment the prices are very competitive and ideally suited to the tougher credit restrictions of the post National Credit Act era," said Bosman.

“One of our most important challenges is to raise the awareness of the opportunities that the Southern Peninsula offers to the public. These are lower prices, less crime and a wonderful lifestyle.”

Article by: www.rawson.co.za