Global meltdown is bringing expatriates back to SA, says Rawson

The much publicised return to South Africa of young professionals and upwardly mobile expatriates is a reality, says Bill Rawson, Chairman of Rawson Properties – and it is assisting the residential property market to climb out of its doldrums, albeit probably not to the extent that some spokespeople for the property sector have suggested.

Reason said that in general these people have useful managerial and business skills and are therefore an asset to South Africa. Most, he said, are coming back with substantial funds which they are prepared to put into housing.

“After what has happened to the stock markets, many now recognise that a paid up home is about as safe an investment as can be found. Some have bought two or three for renting out.”

One of the big attractions of South Africa right now, said Rawson is that it has harmonious Christian-Jew-Muslim relations – “and this is something for which we can be grateful”.

“Although it is often exaggerated by the scaremongers there is an underlying anticipation in the USA, the UK and parts of Europe that radical Muslims will attempt in another 9/11 type attack. South Africans can be grateful that in this issue we remain non-aligned and sympathetic to both sides. Buyers have told us that this gives them a sense of relief when they come here.”

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