How is the Feng Shui of your Bedroom?

A room of rest, strong Yin chi is best in the bedroom. Yin chi allows our mind and body to rest, so the less we are distracted by shapes, bright colours and strong light, the better. So, keep lines simple, avoid clutter and avoid Yang objects such as mirrors, television sets, exercise equipment and photographs of your favourite football team in action! The latter is particularly important if you sleep poorly or suffer from fatigue.

Here are a few tips to help create a peaceful environment to help you get the most from your night’s sleep.

Bedroom placement

Bedrooms are best located away from the entrance and heavy traffic areas to best serve your need for restful sleep.

Placement of the bed

  • The head of the bed is best against a solid wall for "support" and to maintain energy levels.
  • Place bed in the "position of power" i.e. diagonally opposite the door so that you can see the door from where you lie. If this is not possible, at least reflect the door with a small mirror.
  • Avoid placing the bed so your feet face towards the door or a mirror as this can "drain your energy".
  • Avoid a view of yourself in a mirror when lying in bed.
  • It is best to lie in a supportive direction for you


  • Mirrors in the bedroom produce Yang Chi and can disturb sleep and drain your chi.
  • Minimise, remove or cover at night.

Other rooms

  • The bathroom/toilet is a Yang space and should be closed off from the bedroom. Close the door to the ensuite or bathroom if it located near your room.
  • If your bedroom is at the end of a corridor, chi will tend to flow too quickly into your room. Slow it down by clever placement of solid objects in the corridor to encourage the chi to "flow" in curves; or hang a lead-cut crystal ball from the ceiling; also try partially closing your door at night.

Under the bed

All objects have a quality of chi. Check out the quality of chi under your bed. Clutter can indicate an overly active mind. Boxes of old "stuff" can indicate that you are hanging onto "old stuff" that may not serve you. Think about what the objects represent and try to relate them you’re your life situation. There will no doubt be a parallel.

  • Keep clear and clean
  • Get rid of the clutter by throwing out what you do not need (be ruthless) and storing the other elsewhere.


Soft pastels or darker tones are more likely to contribute to Yin chi than bright colours or busy tones like tartans and swirls.


  • Keep window coverings simple yet effective to reduce glare.
  • Darkened rooms are best, particularly for women, as sleeping in a light room can contribute to hormone imbalance.

Above the bed

Avoid pictures or any object that may hang over your head – beams, mobiles, pictures on the wall behind the bed.

Kids rooms

While similar rules apply to kids rooms, children generally enjoy more Yang energy so bright colours and pictures depicting movement are okay.

  • Encourage your child to choose their own colours (if they are old enough). Kids are very intuitive and generally know what is best for them.
  • A bookcase will encourage reading and studious behaviour.

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