Still a housing backlog in Gauteng

Gauteng still has a housing backlog of over 440,000 people, housing MEC Nomvula Mokonyane said on Tuesday.

Addressing a luncheon of "housing stakeholders", Mokonyane said Gauteng's housing goals fell within the Breaking New Ground housing plan document introduced by Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu earlier this year.

She said this meant moving towards the creation of precincts that would contribute to integrated development and sustainability.

"We need to introduce a shift from the notion that 'one size fits all' to a more pragmatic approach customised to respond to the
peculiar needs of a precinct or neighbourhood."

Housing subsidy bands did not accommodate the changing inflation rate, she said. Sixty-two percent of the province's population earned less than R3500 per month.

The central pillar of the Breaking New Ground plan was "collapsing" the subsidy system. Under the new subsidy scheme,
people in the R0-1500 and R1500-3500 income group would get the full R28,000 subsidy.

For those earning R3500 to R7000 the government would pay the deposit on their homes.

She said the province's main goal was to secure a safe and healthy environment and the development of viable communities.

She also announced that head of department Sibusiso Buthelezi would move over to be head of department in public works road and transport.