Can a kitchen makeover boost the value of the property?

ONE ofthe surest ways to add value to a home is a kitchen makeover and it has never been easier to accomplish.

Modem open plan home designs mean that the kitchen is much more important than it used to be Dr Piet Botha chairman of the Nationlink estate agency group points out.

An attractive and well appointed kitchen can go a long way to wards persuading a potential buyer that he has found the house he wants.

In fact many estate agents have found that the impact of a new kitchen on potential buyers can add a premium to the value of the house which is greater than the actual cost of the improvements.

And modern materials and specialist kitchen design and installation companies have really simplified the once difficult task of combining the best possible storage space with the most labour efficient layout he notes.

Well designed pot drawers for example mean you can lay your hands on the utensil you require without moving half the cupboard contents while corner cupboard lazy Susans mean the ingredient you want can easily be brought to the front of the shelf.

Easy clean surfaces self closing hinges and fancy handles have all also brought new glamour to the household workshop. Standard unit and appliance sizes mean that wall and floor cupboards can now be manufactured at the most economical cost and that any odd sized gaps can be skilfully converted to convenient tray utensil or ingredient storage space.

Computer aided design also enables the kitchen installation companies given the dimensions of the kitchen to quickly offer competitive designs and a choice of materials.

Knowing these comparative costs homeowners can then confidently choose the layout that best suits their specific needs and the materials that suit their budget and look forward to boosting the value of their home

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