The Home Channel introduces Brini Maxwell

Camp Revival of Fifties Era Domestic Bliss

Meet Brini Maxwell. With her big blonde wig and clean-cut outfits, she’ll remind you of the perfect domesticity of The Stepford Wives.

“But behind her 1950s domestic goddess façade, Brini has something up her very elegant sleeve,” says Jill de Villiers, Executive Producer of The Home Channel. “A few years ago Brini would only have appealed to a small section of the South African viewing public. Now we’re ready for her. I trust our viewers will like her as much as we do.”

The hostess of The Brini Maxwell Show describes herself as a "child prodigy in the area of domestic science" whose home and fashion tips are 100 percent user-friendly. Her unique, retro-flavoured take on such head-scratchers as what to pack for a trip, how to get smudges off your linoleum (a dab of lighter fluid does the trick) and more guarantees that each 30-minute show is packed with dozens of helpful hints – and lots of fun.

So, put on your pearls, pull out a notepad and let Brini enlighten you in her inimitable, over-the-top style.

Brini has hopes of becoming the next TV hostess to win the domestic tiara and thus realise the dreams of the little boy who spent hours in his mother’s closets, trying on her pillbox hats and polka-dotted dresses. You guessed it. Brini is a drag queen.

The creation of fashion designer and flea market addict Ben Sander, this tall blond bombshell gets the opportunity to change outfits up to nine times, interview guests from Helen Gurley Brown to burly firefighters, share beauty secrets, and dabble in retro cuisine. Whether you would agree with her taste in home décor is up to you… And her household hints may not always be utterly surprising… But the way Brini interprets the domestic realm is something to behold.

Watch out for The Brini Maxwell Show on The Home Channel, DStv channel 55 from 1 July on Saturdays at 8.30am & 4.40pm and Sundays at 11.30am and 7.30pm.

Quotable quotes:

“You don’t have to spend a lot to have a gracious existence.” – Brini Maxwell.

“The recent success of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has flung open the closet door for Maxwell who may be taking metrosexuality to its logical conclusion: If straight men are willing to take style cues from their gay counterparts, why not take cleaning and sewing lessons from a drag queen? An articulate one at that.”

“Maxwell knows that she brings kitsch to the kitchen, but along with serving up a diverting palliative for the stressed-out viewer, she provides cultural stimulation for the cognoscenti – all with a knowing wink.”

“Maxwell doesn’t so much mock conventions as pay a sly and sincere form of homage to them. She seems to upend the constraints of the past even as she recognizes something appealing in the ritual dance of manners, urging her viewers to create an ‘informal formality’ in their homes.”

“For some, her show may be a bewildering patchwork; for others, a brilliant pastiche of wit, naughtiness, and comfort.”

Article from: The Home Channel