It's back to school for your home too

With the start of the school year just a few days away for most of the country's learners, parents can lessen their children's end-of-holiday blues now by making some changes around the house

These could include brightening up homework and study areas, says Berry Everitt, MD of the Chas Everitt International property group, who notes that, regardless of the room or space assigned for the purpose, every study area should include a desk or table where learners can spread out books and study materials.

"Enough storage spaces such as bookcases and drawers for keeping school supplies close to hand are also helpful, and sufficient light is another important element. Placing the desk near a window for natural light is preferable, but an overhead light or desk lamp for evening homework sessions will also be needed."

Writing in the Property Signposts newsletter, Everitt also says it is essential for the study area to be secluded enough so that the learner is not distracted by the hubbub of normal family life, including telephones, siblings and a blaring TV or radio.

"Meanwhile, as students mature they often need better access to computers and especially the internet to research and complete assignments, and if family members are already competing for computer time, it may be a very good idea to save this year for an additional PC and a home network system that will enable family members to share internet access and peripheral equipment such as printers.

"And finally, if one of your children is flying the nest later this year for college or 'varsity, it is advisable to check how much insurance cover their belongings will enjoy in terms of your household policy while they are away from home. Pricey items such as computers can be included as specified, all-risk items for a small additional amount."

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