Focus on Salt Rock, Doplhin Coast, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

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Salt Rock - KwaZulu Natal North Coast - South Africa

Salt Rock is situated just north of Shaka's Rock and Ballito - a gem of a holiday resort which creates a relaxed holiday atmosphere, even for the locals. The name, Salt Rock, originates from King Shaka's days when his handmaidens used to collect dried salt off the rocks at low tide. The salt was used for trading with settlers who would pass through regularly.

The main beach at Salt Rock has expertly trained lifeguards on duty seven days a week from 6am until 5:30pm. They will ensure that your holiday-by-the-sea is trouble free. Close to the main beach is a massive tidal pool which was originally built for use by guests staying at the hotel.

The Salt Rock beach also provides some good fishing spots and there are beautiful reefs off-shore which will give divers hours of enjoyment. The Salt Rock Country Club caters for the visitor's basic sporting needs including tennis, bowls, squash and a well-kept swimming pool.

There is also the splendid Salt Rock caravan park which has beautifully shaded sites and is only a stone's throw from the beach.