Good start for Rama City training programme

The comprehensive training and empowerment programme that is an integral part of the giant Rama City development project is already beginning to produce results.

A group of learners that have just completed the first MSL computer proficiency course to be run as part of the programme were this week awarded their certificates. In addition, all the catering, sound and photography for the awards function were provided by Disang and Chapter 8, which are start-up businesses recently established in the Rama community.

The training programme has been put in place by Rama Horizon Developments, the professional development company that is co-operating with the Rama Community Property Association to create Rama City - a whole new town about 22km north-west of Pretoria complete with its own shops, offices, schools, parks, clinics and community centers as well as about 10 000 new homes.

Courses to be added as the Rama City project develops will include design, education, communication and various aspects of management as well as IT and specialist construction skills from bricklaying and carpentry to plumbing and electrical work, and the developer is working with the relevant government departments and sector training authorities (SETAs) to ensure that they will comply with NQF requirements and will lead to recognised and useful qualifications.

Indeed, the programme is reckoned as one of the biggest benefits of the Rama City development because it will provide members of the Rama community with the skills and knowledge not only to improve their employment prospects but also to start their own businesses locally.

This will mean that they don’t have to commute to work and also that the products and services required by Rama City residents are increasingly provided on the spot, with retail outlets and other businesses rapidly becoming integrated into the fabric of the new town. This will help to grow a much-needed local economy in what is currently a marginalized area, and be of lasting benefit to the community.

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