Housing condtions in South Africa often 'desperate' despite efforts

South Africa has made great efforts to redress housing inequality but desperate living conditions persist, according to a United Nations human rights expert who today called on the country’s Government to boost social services and take other measures to improve all settlements.

At the same time, he said many informal settlements that have sprung up as a result of large development projects, rapid urbanization and land restitution claims still face desperate conditions.

“In many such cases, communities do not receive even the most basic support services, including proper sanitation, water, access to schools, and access to livelihood options,” he said, adding that “there are few follow up support mechanisms such as regular maintenance or service repair facilities in cases of resettlement.”

To redress these conditions, Mr. Kothari recommended that the Government improve coordination between departments covering housing, water, health and social services, ensuring a unified approach to housing.

He also advocated inclusive tactics for the rehabilitation of urban areas, strategies to mitigate skyrocketing real-estate prices, restrictions on evictions and renewed concern for land restitution for indigenous peoples and shelter for households headed by women.

Mr. Kothari, who acts in an independent personal capacity, will present his final recommendations to the UN Human Rights Council.

Article from: www.maximsnews.com