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So it looks like the small boat harbour is finally on the cards after many years of speculation. For a long time we have known that a harbour is being planned, but what may not be as well known is that the proposed harbour forms part of a larger overall beachfront development plan.

The Urban Integration Plan, of which the upgrading of Main Street is a key component. Also contains a detailed vision for a beachfront development stretching from the planned harbour off Robberg Beach, across Central Beach, all the way to Look-out Beach. It is an imaginative vision that embraces all the beach-based activities that have already found a home somewhere in our bay, from commercial fishing to leisure pursuits, as well as adding a host of new ones.

The Beacon Isle Area
While no significant infrastructure has been added to this area since the construction of the Beacon Isle Hotel some 30 years ago. It has been recognized that any future developments needs to be done in a "balanced, aesthetically and environmentally pleasing and sustainable manner."

The harbour itself would comprise four elements. A - A proposed deep sea harbour for fishing vessels and ocean-going yachts to be inserted between two rocks spurs that project into the ocean off Beacon Isle. B - A harbour-front development creating a backdrop to the yacht basin. C - A riverfront development along the Piesang River. D - The integration of the Beacon Isle Hotel into the whole complex with a proposed new harbour pier extending outwards.

Central Beach
Vibrant and relaxed space for beachgoers and visitors while still retaining the area needed for boat-launching and mooring. Some of the elements the plan seeks to include are a pedestrian boardwalk and a expanded area for Street Markets in existing parking area.

Lookout Beach
The plan for this area is to render safe, accessible and traversable by means of scenic walks and jogging tracks woven in amongst the fynbos.

The waterfront plan for Plettenberg Bay then aims to provide a way of experiencing the full beauty of our coastline by linking our beaches in a pedestrian-friendly way while, while still preserving the unique character of each.

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