Have fun - Follow with the Colors

Have you ever wanted to have your bedroom ceiling painted blue with some fluffy white clouds in it? Perhaps it is because you spent time as a child looking at the sky and identifying shapes and forms with a friend or relative. Fond memories often stick in our minds in the form of color.

White is often used to depict peppermint because white always meant fresh for as long as we can remember.

Anyone out there like chocolate? Brown on candy wrappers has been known to stimulate taste buds and produce saliva--and, yes, drooling in some cases!

We know that when the traffic light turns red we stop and when it turns green we go. The mental process is instant and comes from memory.

So what do we do when we want to color our homes? After all, we want to be comfortable and feel at home there. Should we go for childhood memories? Should we go for a look that depicts who or what we aspire to be? Sometimes it is hard to decide what colors to choose when decorating our homes or choosing bathroom wallpaper or towels or even what color of dishes to buy. The best choices are the colors you feel comfortable with, regardless of what's in or out of vogue, regardless of what your neighbor, cousin or best friend might prefer, regardless of what you think perhaps you should choose.

But what if you like all colors and find it hard to pinpoint just what would be best for your home? It might help if we choose a mood and then follow with the colors.

If a calm and peaceful atmosphere is desired, go for blue, lavender or green. These colors all work well together, so if you're undecided, use all three. Variations of these colors work towards a peaceful atmosphere, too, such as teal, which is a combination of blue and green and deep purple, as in the colors of plum or eggplant.

If a warm motif cuddles up your mood best, go for rose, buttery yellow, peach and mocha. A romantic atmosphere can be had with these colors, particularly if the fabrics contain a combination of these colors in the form of flowers. If a less feminine look is desired, these colors can still be utilized in solid fabrics such as a buttery yellow sofa piped in peach. Throw a couple rose-colored pillows on it and the room starts to take on warmth.

Light and airy rooms work well in warm climates as well as in colder areas in a sunroom. The colors of choice here are a pastel version of yellow, not the warm buttery one, soft pink, light blue and coral, which is more of a pinky peach. These colors all do well as backgrounds such as on walls. A room painted light pastel coral will automatically make the room feel light and airy.

A down-to-earth look could be interpreted as cheerful and friendly. To accomplish that, go for bright blues, bright sunny yellows and terra cottas.

Blue as in sky, yellow as in sun and terra cotta as in clay from the earth.

See the picture?

For a more sophisticated look, go for gold. Antique gold, hunter green, royal purple, royal or navy blue all fit into this luxurious sophistication with grace and charm. In design, it is usually best to choose three colors; one as the theme, with the other two as accents. Combine any three of these colors and the look of lavishness will prevail.


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