A tip for investors - if you are in, stay in - if you are not in, get in!

That is the message we have been giving to all our investors when it comes to the Kleinmeer development.

The Kleinmeer project began over 2 years ago when Aquacor Property Developers began planning this new and secure lifestyle village.

For 2 years, homes were designed, gardens, public open spaces & facilities were integrated into the town planning layout, facilities and homeowners requirements were researched, security issues were addressed and a harmonious layout for all of these facets was finalized.

What was not expected, however, was the massive increase in property prices and development demand close to the city centre during this period. As Kleinmeer’s land was bought 2 years ago, this makes it one of the last affordable places to buy in such close proximity to Cape Town; and with such an impressive list of facilities the demand will only increase.

When we first launched Kleinmeer we thought that, like most developments near Cape Town, it would be an excellent opportunity for investors wanting to buy and sell homes to make a turn as the market grew. Now, with no land close to Cape Town remaining, but with continued growth in the market on the horizon and considering the position of the development our advice has changed to “hold that house!”

Land for housing in the mid market area has become so hard to obtain in Cape Town, that Aquacor’s has had to turn more and more to projects in Johannesburg and the East Coast due to the availability of plots and realistic land costs in these areas.

For investors content with making R 100,000 or so on a re-sale, selling would be an option, but for those wanting real returns our advice is certainly to buy and hold. There is simply nothing of the quality of Kleinmeer as near to Cape Town and certainly not in the same price range.

Kleinmeer is all about added value. The prices alone are a good reason to buy, but the reasons don’t stop there. The complex has been designed by a leading Cape Town architectural practice, Arthur Quinton Architects, famed for there large Atlantic coast homes and luxury developments.

The developers have added facilities to the project worth R 2.5 Million which will give owners access to a large pool, bar with plasma screen, a restaurant with deck looking across Cape Town to Table Mountain, a gym, crèche facilities, tennis courts and management facilities for the caretaker.

Yet more value comes in the form of the meditation space designed exclusively for Kleinmeer, to be built at a price of approximately R 750,000. This architectural masterpiece will be an abstract modern structure suspended above the lake at the Southern edge of the development and will give residents a quiet space to retreat for contemplation.

Landscaping and garden design have formed a huge part of the planning process with total spend by the developers topping at R 5.5 Million! Those we appreciate our indigenous flora will enjoy the large collection of Paper Bark Trees, Fever Trees and Soetdoorns already been selected and stored in preparation for the mammoth garden tracts.

A revolutionary idea has been the gentle vacuuming of soil cover in the Tygerberg Nature reserve by our landscaping team. This has allowed them to collect seeds indigenous to the area and in the correct combination to give Kleinmeer truly natural gardens.

A 1.2km jogging trail through the complex will give owners ample chance to enjoy the various facets of Kleinmeer, ending with a nice refreshing swim in the pool and a drink at the bar whilst watching the sunset over Table Bay.

Kleinmeer is probably the last chance you’ll get to enjoy a slice
of the relaxed Cape lifestyle, at an affordable price
and in close proximity to the city centre.

For more information about this fantastic investment opportunity - contact the sales team today secure your unit!

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